We offer wooden toilets ideal for an allotment, building, etc. The toilet is of 15mm thickness
or a bigger material. It is built bodily or prepared to self-assembly according to our standard design
or the client’s individual ideas.
Roof covering is decorative shingle or typical asphalt roll roofing.
Impregnation of the whole product with the colour chosen by clients.
Everything is made of dry materials.
If you give the place where a particular product has to be delivered, we will give you
the price.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via e-mail.
Transport within the whole territory of Poland and the European Union.


Material pine / fir / spruce Siberian
Wall thickness 15mm lub 20mm
Demensional lumber’s dimensions or by the customer
Roof covering shingle ornate or asphalt roll roofing
Impregnat’s colour shingle ornate or asphalt roll roofing
Dimensions according to your wishes
Assembly stand-alone or assembled
Length Width Price
100cm100cm500 PLN
120cm100cm600 PLN
150cm150cm950 PLN